Out This Week – 04th July 2016

It would seem that every week we start off by following a large event and this past weekend saw Anime Expo 2016 take place at Los Angeles Convention Center with today being the final day of the event. Our writer Alex has been making the rounds, we already have some coverage up but expect more over the coming days including interviews!

A rather modest selection of anime releases this week compared to last week but includes some real gems. All the Anime bring us Expelled from Paradise, written by the famed Gen Urobuchi, on Collector’s Edition Combi Pack and standard DVD and the standard edition Blu-ray of Terror in Resonance. Animatsu Entertainment treat as to the second half of Haikyu!! and what a ride it is, if you haven’t already picked up part one then we highly recommend you do so! As usual we’ll have reviews up for most of these titles over the next couple of days.

As with anime the manga releases this week are rather few but there probably something for for fans to be happy about. Nichijou sees it’s third volume coming for Vertical Inc, this is definitely a title worth checking out.

Only the one game release this week and it comes from Koei Tecmo  – Romance of the Three Kingdoms XIII.

Anime Releases
Expelled from Paradise [Collector’s Edition Combi Pack / Standard DVD] (All the Anime)
Haikyu!! Season 1 Part 2 Collection [Blu-ray / DVD] (Animatsu Entertainment)
Terror in Resonance Collection [Blu-ray] (All the Anime)

Manga Releases
Wandering Island Dark (Horse Manga)
Devil Survivor [Vol. 6] (Kodansha Comics)
Nichijou [Vol. 3] (Vertical Inc)

Game Releases
Romance of the Three Kingdoms XIII [PlayStation 4 / Steam] (Koei Tecmo)

For full details on what anime and manga is coming out this month check out our anime and manga schedules. New schedules are published at the beginning of each month and are updated as much as possible throughout the month.