Mechanical Artist Hidetaka Tenjin Guest at MCM London Comic Con

Hidetaka Tenjin of Macross fame is set to appear as a guest at MCM London Comic Con, which will be held at London’s ExCel Centre during the weekend of May 22-24. Tenjin will be available to meet fans on Friday and Saturday of the event after being invited to attend by online video service Viewster.


Hidetaka Tenjin is known for his work as a mechanical and special effects artist on various anime, most notably mecha series such as Macross, Gundam, and Space Battleship Yamato. Tenjin has a very realistic art style that fits the mecha genre perfectly, his work can be seen not just in anime but adorning Gunpla and other plastic model kits, plus games and video cover art. Becoming a freelance illustrator after graduating from Shibaura Institute of Technology’s Department of System Engineering, while majoring in mechanical control systems, Tenjin now runs his own studio – Tenjin Studio Ltd.