Manga UK / Kazé Amazon Preorders

Just when we thought we already had a full slate of releases in the fourth quarter, Amazon go and open up preorders for some Manga UK and Kazé titles. The titles available for preorder are listed below with links.

First up is the third season of the dubbed Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters series, seeing a release on DVD on the 5th October from Manga UK.

On the same day, from Kazé, Magi The Kingdom of Magic Season 2 Part 1 will be launching on DVD and blu-ray,

Yakuza Apocalypse is listed as due out on October 12th on both DVD and blu-ray, but we have no indication as to whether this is Manga or Animatsu.

Naruto: Road To Ninja is also listed for this date on DVD and blu-ray, from Manga UK.

Mirai Nikki Part 1 is due on blu-ray and DVD the same day from Kazé.

Kazé’s Nisekoi Part 2 is listed for release on blu-ray on October 19th, but we’re sure a DVD listing will appear soon.