Manga Releases [December 2016]

Welcome to the Japan Curiosity manga release schedule, a complete schedule for manga releases in the UK. The December manga release schedule is here, or the Christmas list is here as that might be a more apt name given the time of year. It’s not the biggest schedule we’ve ever seen but it’s definitely sizeable and should serve to please many fans over this Christmas period.

01/12Alice in the Country of Clover: White Rabbit and the Clockwork Trap1Seven Seas Entertainment
01/12Fairy Tail57Kodansha Comics
01/12Fairy Tail Master's Edition3Kodansha Comics
07/12Attack on Titan [with DVD]**20Kodansha Comics
08/12Attack on Titan20Kodansha Comics
08/12Devils' Line4Vertical Inc
08/12Fairy Tail: Twin Dragons of Saber ToothKodansha Comics
08/12Maga-tsuki6Kodansha Comics
08/12Persona 44Udon Entertainment
08/12Persona 45Udon Entertainment
13/12Centaur's Life, A10Seven Seas Entertainment
13/12Devils and Realist 11Seven Seas Entertainment
13/12Haganai: I Don't have Many Friends14Seven Seas Entertainment
13/12Holy Corpse Rising1Seven Seas Entertainment
13/12Hour of the Zombie3Seven Seas Entertainment
13/12I Don't Like You At All Big Brother!! 9-10Seven Seas Entertainment
13/12Magia the Ninth1Seven Seas Entertainment
13/12Merman in My Tub5Seven Seas Entertainment
13/12My Girlfriend is a T-Rex1Seven Seas Entertainment
13/12Please Tell Me! Galko-chan 1Seven Seas Entertainment
13/12Re:Monster1Seven Seas Entertainment
13/12Shomin Sample: I Was Abducted by an Elite All-Girls School as a Sample Commoner3Seven Seas Entertainment
13/12Testament of Sister New Devil, The4Seven Seas Entertainment
13/12Tokyo Undead Seven Seas Entertainment
15/12Attack on Titan: Before the Fall9Kodansha Comics
15/12BLAME!2Vertical Inc
15/12Cells at Work!2Kodansha Comics
15/12Danganronpa: The Animation3Dark Horse Manga
15/12Complex Age3Kodansha Comics
15/12Spoof on Titan2Kodansha Comics
15/12Vinland Saga8Kodansha Comics
20/12Accel World (Novel)8Yen Press
20/12Akame Ga Kill! Zero4Yen Press
20/12Aoharu X Machinegun2Yen Press
20/12Assassination Classroom13Viz Media
20/12Asterisk War, The (Novel)2Yen Press
20/12Baccano!: 1931 The Grand Punk Railroad: Express3Yen Press
20/12Black Bullet (Novel)5Yen Press
20/12Black Clover4Viz Media
20/12Blue Exorcist16Viz Media
20/12Bloody Mary5Viz Media
20/12Bungo Stray Dogs1Yen Press
20/12Case Study of Vanitas, The 1Yen Press
20/12Devil Is a Part-Timer!, The (Novel)6Yen Press
20/12Everyone's Getting Married3Viz Media
20/12Food Wars!: Shokugeki no Soma15Viz Media
20/12Fruits Basket Collector's Edition8Yen Press
20/12GA: Geijutsuka Art Design Class7Yen Press
20/12Goblin Slayer (Novel)1Yen Press
20/12Haikyu!!6Viz Media
20/12He's My Only Vampire9Yen Press
20/12Honor Student at Magic High School, The 5Yen Press
20/12The Irregular At Magic High School: Nine School Competition, Part I3Yen Press
20/12Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon? (Novel)7Yen Press
20/12Kiniro Mosaic1Yen Press
20/12Kuroko's Basketball (2-in-1 Edition)3Viz Media
20/12My Youth Romantic Comedy Is Wrong, As I Expected @ comic3Yen Press
20/12Naruto: Itachi's Story2Viz Media
20/12No Game No Life5Yen Press
20/12Of the Red, The Light and the Ayakashi5Yen Press
20/12One Piece (Omnibus Edition)18Viz Media
20/12Overlord (Manga)3Yen Press
20/12Pokemon Omega Ruby Alpha Sapphire2Viz Media
20/12Pokémon X • Y Pocket ComicsViz Media
20/12The Pokémon Cookbook: Easy & Fun RecipesViz Media
20/12So Cute It Hurts!!10Viz Media
20/12Strike The Blood (Manga)5Yen Press
20/12Sword Art Online (Novel)9Yen Press
20/12Ubel Blatt7Yen Press
20/12Ultimo12Viz Media
20/12Yona of the Dawn3Viz Media
20/12Yowamushi Pedal4Yen Press
21/12Blade of the Immortal Omnibus1Dark Horse Manga
22/12Ghost and the Lady, The2Kodansha Comics
22/12Kiss Him, Not Me8Kodansha Comics
22/12That Wolf-Boy is Mine!3Kodansha Comics
22/12The Complete Chi's Sweet Home4Vertical Inc
27/12Love Stage!!6Viz Media
27/12Magi21Viz Media
27/12Monster Hunter: Flash Hunter5Viz Media
29/12LDK8Kodansha Comics
29/12Mysterious Girlfriend X4Vertical Inc
29/12Neon Genesis Evangelion: The Shinji Ikari Raising Project Omnibus2Dark Horse Manga
29/12New Lone Wolf and Cub11Dark Horse Manga
29/12Your Lie in April11Kodansha Comics

*You may notice the release dates from most of the publisher’s websites differ from what I have stated here. This is because they are intended for the US, not us here in the UK, so I have relied on Amazon to give the correct date for the UK release; in some cases, these are also incorrect. Use this schedule as more of a guide, as some retailers will stock items at different times.

**Please note that the ‘Attack on Titan 20 [With DVD]’ comes bundled with a DVD that is Region One, like the previous Attack on Titan volumes bundled with DVDs, as such this may not be playable on UK devices!