Manga Releases [August 2016]

Welcome to the Japan Curiosity manga release schedule, the most complete schedule for manga releases in the UK. Another huge month full of manga releases in August and some great titles to be had. Seven Seas Entertainment bring us more No Game, No LifeGolden Time and Haven’t You Heard? I’m Sakamoto. While Kodansha Comics bring us the Attack on Titan Adult Coloring Book (if that’s your thing) and another Attack no Titan volume bundled with a DVD (see details). There’s definitely plenty to satisfy throughout the month of August!

DateTitleVolume Publisher
01/08No Game, No Life2Seven Seas Entertainment
03/08Attack on Titan [With DVD]**19Kodansha Comics
03/08Kaze Hikaru24Viz Media
04/08Attack on Titan19Kodansha Comics
04/08Oreimo: Kuroneko6Dark Horse Manga
04/08Say I Love You15Kodansha Comics
04/08Wolfsmund7Vertical Inc
10/08Itsuwaribito18Viz Media
11/08Attack on Titan: Before the Fall8Kodansha Comics
11/08Behind the Scenes!!2Viz Media
11/08Case Closed59Viz Media
11/08Danganronpa: The Animation2Dark Horse Manga
11/08Demon Prince of Momochi House, The5Viz Media
11/08Gangsta.7Viz Media
11/08Honey So Sweet3Viz Media
11/08Midnight Stranger: The Trouble with Strangers2SuBLime
11/08My Love Story!!9Viz Media
11/08Ranma 1/2 (2-in-1 Edition)15 (29 & 30)Viz Media
11/08RIN-NE21Viz Media
11/08Terra Formars13Viz Media
11/08Tsubasa Omnibus9Kodansha Comics
11/08Usagi Yojimbo: Thieves & Spies Limited Edition30Dark Horse Manga
13/08Akuma no Riddle: Riddle Story of Devil4Seven Seas Entertainment
13/08Ancient Magus' Bride, The5Seven Seas Entertainment
13/08Battle Rabbits1Seven Seas Entertainment
13/08Centaur's Life, A9Seven Seas Entertainment
13/08Golden Time4Seven Seas Entertainment
13/08Haven't You Heard? I'm Sakamoto4Seven Seas Entertainment
13/08Love in Hell: Death Life1Seven Seas Entertainment
13/08Magical Girl Apocalypse8Seven Seas Entertainment
13/08Monster Musume: I Heart Monster Girls2Seven Seas Entertainment
13/08My Monster Secret3Seven Seas Entertainment
13/08Pandora in the Crimson Shell: Ghost Urn5Seven Seas Entertainment
14/08Fairy Tail55Kodansha Comics
17/08Dorohedoro19Viz Media
18/08Attack on Titan Adult Coloring BookKodansha Comics
18/08Kiss Him, Not Me6Kodansha Comics
18/08That Wolf-Boy is Mine!1Kodansha Comics
18/08To The Abandoned Sacred Beasts2Vertical Inc
23/08Certain Magical Index, A (Novel)8Yen Press
23/08Irregular At Magic High School, The: Enrollment Arc, Part II2Yen Press
25/08Assassination Classroom11Viz Media
25/08Attack on Titan: Lost Girls1Kodansha Comics
25/08Black Clover2Viz Media
25/08Bleach (3-in-1 Edition)16 (46, 47 & 48)Viz Media
25/08Blood-C: Demonic Moonlight2Dark Horse Manga
25/08Fairy Tail Blue Mistral3Kodansha Comics
25/08Food Wars!: Shokugeki no Soma13Viz Media
25/08Haikyu!!2Viz Media
25/08Heroic Legend Of Arslan, The5Kodansha Comics
25/08JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Part 2 - Battle Tendency4Viz Media
25/08Kuroko's Basketball (2-in-1 Edition)1 (1 & 2)Viz Media
25/08LDK6Kodansha Comics
25/08Magi: The Labyrinth of Magic19Viz Media
25/08My Hero Academia5Viz Media
25/08One Piece79Viz Media
25/08Tokyo ESP6Vertical Inc
25/08Tokyo Ghoul8Viz Media
25/08Toriko35Viz Media
25/08Yu-Gi-Oh! (3-in-1 Edition)7 (19, 20 & 21)Viz Media
30/08Anne Happy2Yen Press
30/08Asterisk War, The (Novel)1Yen Press
30/08Baccano!: 1931 The Grand Punk Railroad: Local2Yen Press
30/08Black Bullet (Novel)4Yen Press
30/08Corpse Party: Blood Covered2Yen Press
30/08Devil Is a Part-Timer!, The (Novel)5Yen Press
30/08Dimension W3Yen Press
30/08Dragons Rioting4Yen Press
30/08Emma5Yen Press
30/08Fruits Basket Collector's Edition4Yen Press
30/08Maga-tsuki4Kodansha Comics
30/08Monthly Girls' Nozaki-Kun4Yen Press
30/08Neon Genesis Evangelion: The Shinji Ikari Raising Project Omnibus1Dark Horse Manga
30/08School-Live!4Yen Press
30/08Sword Art Online: Early and Late (Novel)8Yen Press
30/08Trinity Seven6Yen Press
30/08Yowamushi Pedal3Yen Press

*You may notice the release dates from most of the publisher’s websites differ from what I have stated here. This is because they are intended for the US, not us here in the UK, so I have relied on Amazon to give the correct date for the UK release; in some cases these are also incorrect. Use this schedule as more of a guide, as some retailers will stock items at different times.

**Please note that the ‘Attack on Titan 19 [With DVD]’ comes bundled with a DVD that is Region One, like the previous Attack on Titan volumes bundled with DVDs, as such this may not be playable on UK devices!