Manga Releases [April 2015]

Welcome to the Japan Curiosity manga release schedule, the most complete schedule for manga releases in the UK. A great selection of manga available this month, including some awesome novels too such as The Devil is a Part-Timer and Log Horizon: The Beginning of Another World. The manga of Your Lie in April is also being released this month as well as No Game No Life.

01/04Alice in the Country of Joker Nightmare Trilogy3Seven Seas Entertainment
01/04D-Frag!4Seven Seas Entertainment
01/04Girls und Panzer: Little Army2Seven Seas Entertainment
01/04The Sacred Blacksmith7Seven Seas Entertainment
01/04Vampire Cheerleaders in Space...and Time?!Seven Seas Entertainment
02/04Attack On Titan: Before The Fall4Kodansha Comics
02/04Fairy Tail47Kodansha Comics
02/04What Did You Eat Yesterday?7Vertical Inc
02/04Wolfsmund6Vertical Inc
07/04Dengeki Daisy16Viz Media
07/04Library Wars: Love & War13Viz Media
07/04Skip Beat!34Viz Media
07/04Voice Over!: Seiyu Academy10Viz Media
09/0407-Ghost15Viz Media
09/04Ajin: Demi-Human4Vertical Inc
09/04Claymore26Viz Media
09/04Kamisama Kiss17Viz Media
09/04Kiss of the Rose Princess3Viz Media
09/04LBX: Little Battlers Experience4Viz Media
09/04Master Keaton2Viz Media
09/04Oresama Teacher18Viz Media
09/04Pokemon Adventures27Viz Media
09/04Pokemon XY2Viz Media
09/04Requiem of the Rose King1Viz Media
09/04Resident Evil: The Marhawa Desire3Viz Media
09/04Rin-Ne17Viz Media
09/04Skip Beat! (3-In-1 Edition)10Viz Media
09/04Terra Formars5Viz Media
14/04Blade of the Immortal: Final Curtain31Dark Horse Manga
16/04Lone Wolf and Cub Omnibus8Dark Horse Manga
16/04My Neighbor Seki2Vertical Inc
21/04Akame Ga Kill!2Yen Press
21/04The Devil is a Part-Timer (Novel)1Yen Press
21/04Log Horizon: The Beginning of Another World (Novel)1Yen Press
21/04No Game No Life1Yen Press
21/04Sword Art Online: Fairy Dance (Novel)4Yen Press
21/04Vagabond37Viz Media
23/04Assassination Classroom3Viz Media
23/04Let's Dance A Waltz 1Kodansha Comics
23/04Magi11Viz Media
23/04Mobile Suit Gundam: The Origin9Vertical Inc
23/04Monster: The Perfect Edition4Viz Media
23/04One Piece74Viz Media
23/04Pokemon Adventures Black & White7Viz Media
23/04Ranma 1/2 (2-In-1 Edition)7Viz Media
23/04Toriko27Viz Media
23/04Witchcraft Works4Vertical Inc
23/04World Trigger5Viz Media
23/04Your Lie In April1Kodansha Comics
30/04Attack on Titan: Junior High3Kodansha Comics
30/04Maria the Virgin Witch2Kodansha Comics
30/04Noragami4Kodansha Comics
30/04Oreimo: Kuroneko1Dark Horse Manga
30/04Say I Love You7Kodansha Comics
30/04xxxHolic Rei3Kodansha Comics

*You may notice the release dates from most of the publisher’s websites differ from what I have stated here. This is because they are intended for the US not us here in the UK, so I have relied on Amazon to give the correct date for the UK release but in some cases these are also incorrect. Use this schedule as more of a guide as some retailers with stock items at different times.