Mai Mai Miracle Kickstarter reaches goal in 18 hours

A kickstarter campaign by Anime Limited for the animated movie Mai Mai Miracle reached it’s goal of $30,000 in only 18 hours. An amazing feat that shows no signs of slowing and are well on there way to reaching their second goal of $60,000.

Mai Mai Miracle is an animated movie directed by Sunao Katabuchi who previously worked along side the great Hayao Miyazaki as an assistant director on Kiki’s Deliver Service. Katabuchi also worked as the director on the Black Lagoon anime series and it’s sequels.

What does Anime Limited hope to achieve through using kickstarter to fund this venture:

“Mai Mai Miracle is a niche film that hasn’t had much exposure in the UK and US as it was viewed as not a standard commercially viable film at the time. Our intention is to give everyone a shot to prove that wrong and show support for an awesome film and director!
What we want to do is simple and much in line with the spirit of other recent anime Kickstarter campaigns – bring you the quality release for the film that it deserves. In the process we want to give you, the backers, a say in how any extra budget is spent.” (via Anime Limited)

What more could you hope for? They are a small company that has wowed us over the past year with amazing releases of old and new classics presented in the highest possible quality and this kickstarter campaign is no different.

What is the $30,000 already reached going to be used for? Well that’s to bring the movie to the UK and US with English subtitles, but it doesn’t stop there – with the 2nd goal of $60,000 they plan to add an English dub to the release. Now this is all well and good but what about those that invest in the Kickstarter? Okay this is the real treat – Anime Limited have prepared a range of different goodies for those that invest and they all look amazing, especially the 200 page art book. Check out the Kickstarter page for a full list of goodies available. Can’t wait for the release date to be announced – we are eagerly awaiting that day.

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