Anime Releases [June 2017]

Welcome to the Japan Curiosity anime release schedule, a complete schedule for anime releases in the UK. Lot’s of great titles coming out this month and if you attended this past MCM London Comic Con you may have been lucky enough to pick up a lot of these titles early. For those that couldn’t make it to Comic Con here’s what’s coming in the month of June.

05/06Boruto: Naruto The MovieBlu-ray / DVDManga Entertainment
05/06Fairy Tail Part 15DVDFunimation
05/06Full Metal Panic Fumoffu - Season 2Blu-rayAll the Anime
05/06My Love Story (Ore Monogatari) Deluxe Edition CollectionBlu-rayAnimatsu Entertainment
05/06Persona 3 - Movie 4 Collector's EditionCombo PackAll the Anime
05/06Persona 3 - Movie 4DVDAll the Anime
12/06Black Butler Season 3 - Collector's EditionBlu-rayAll the Anime
12/06Black Butler Season 3DVDAll the Anime
12/06Is It Wrong To Try To Pick Up Girls In A Dungeon? Season 1 Deluxe EditionCombo PackAnimatsu Entertainment
12/06Overlord Season 1 Collection - Collector's EditionBlu-rayFunimation
12/06Overlord Season 1 Collection Blu-ray / DVDFunimation
12/06Prison School Collection - Collector's EditionBlu-rayFunimation
12/06Serial Experiments Lain CollectionBlu-ray / DVDMVM Entertainment
12/06Yu-Gi-Oh! GX Season 3DVDManga Entertainment
19/06Amagi Brilliant Park Season 1 Deluxe Edition CollectionCombo PackManga Entertainment
19/06Assassination Classroom Season 2 Part 1 Collector's EditionBlu-rayFunimation
19/06Assassination Classroom Season 2 Part 1DVDFunimation
19/06Little Busters EX OVA CollectionBlu-ray / DVDMVM Entertainment
19/06Mai Mai MiracleCombo PackAll the Anime
19/06Noragami Aragoto - Collector's EditionBlu-rayFunimation
19/06Noragami Aragoto CollectionDVDFunimation
26/06Amagami SS Plus Season 2 CollectionBlu-ray / DVDMVM Entertainment
26/06Anthem of the Heart - Collector's EditionCombo PackAll the Anime
26/06Anthem of the Heart - Collector's Edition *Zavvi Exclusive Variant Cover*Combo PackAll the Anime
26/06Attack on Titan: Junior High CollectionBlu-rayFunimation
26/06Belladonna of Sadness - Collector's EditionBlu-rayAll the Anime
26/06Charlotte Part 1 - Collector's EditionCombo PackAll the Anime
26/06Charlotte Part 1DVDAll the Anime
26/06Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Complete Season 1DVDManga Entertainment

* Marked titles may be very likely to see release date changes.

** We’ve decided to change our links to products from Amazon to Anime-On-Line mainly because they are generally cheaper and we like to support that.

*** (Blu-ray / DVD) means released separately on both formats, although in some cases they may be released as a combo pack, in which case that will be marked with (Combi Pack). Instance, where CE or DE is used this, denotes Collector’s Edition and Deluxe Edition respectively.