Ground Zeroes at BAFTA

Konami UK invited me and a few other fans to a MetalGear Solid V Ground Zeroes event at BAFTA, where it was playable. I turned up to the venue excited, knowing that I’d have my hands on the game soon, it didn’t matter for how long. Upon entering the venue I saw 6 PS4s connected to HDTVs set up with “Orange Boxes” as seats, designed like the boxes seen in Metal Gear Solid 2 during the Tanker section. I was then told there was a time limit of 15 minutes to try out the game, per person.

Sitting on an “OrangeBox” and having both the PS4 controller in my hands and MetalGear Solid V Ground Zeroes displayed on a 42inch HDTV in front of me, who wouldn’t be excited? With two difficulties to choose from(Normal and Hard), I decided to play the game under the Normal settings, so I could get used to the controls. The Game/Demo started with a very long cutscene (not surprising), with stunning visuals allowing the player to zoom in while watching using the R2 button. But taking to account that with only 15 minutes to play I was trying to skip the scene as soon as possible.

After wasting 4 minutes watching the cutscene, I finally started playing the game. Funnily enough, as the Konami staff was observing how we were getting on, they caught me throwing Snake off of a cliff within the first 10seconds of gameplay.

Playing Ground Zeroes was interesting, unlike the previous games, 80% of the controls were different. They’ve added bullet time and that required practice to get used to, I won’t spoil too much. But after getting a second 15-minute playthrough I ended up making it further than before and started to get used to the controls and what my objectives were. I do recommend this game even though I’ve only played it for 30 minutes. I can’t wait to get my hands on it. The EU gets it this week. Can’t Wait!

Oh… and I met Kojima again too!

Written by Kim Man