Sword Art Online Returns for a Two Hour Special

Sword Art Online: Extra Edition will be a 2 hour special , following Kirito and co as they go on an underwater quest within Alfheim Online in order to grant Yui’s wish to see a whale. However the group find out that Suguha is afraid of water, to combat this Asuna decides to help her overcome her fear by practising in a real world pool.

At the same time, Kirito goes to meet somebody…

Tomohiko Ito returns to direct and the writer of the Sword Art Online light novels, Reki Kawahara also took part in writing the special.

Sword Art Online: Extra Edition will air on New Years Eve at 10pm in Japan on TOKYO MX、BS11 and Niconico in Japan.

However, the great news is it will be available to stream on Crunchyroll and Daisuki on January 1st.