Kill la Kill

Back in April 2007 anime fans were blessed with a show that was so mindblowingly epic it made us all want to shout “Giga Drill Breaker!” or “Row row fight the power”. I am of course talking about Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann.

Now six and a half years later in October 2013, the director Imaishi Hiroyuki, who left Gainax and started his own studio, Trigger, once again teams up with Gurren Lagann writer Nakashima Kazuki, who has recently been busy as head writer on Kamen Rider Fourze, to make Kill la Kill.

Kill la Kill follows Ryuuko Matoi, a transfer student at Honnoji Academy. Wielding a scissor-shaped sword Ryuuko searches for the blade’s original owner, who is responsible for her father’s death. Aided by a talking sailor uniform she confronts the student council’s “four divine kings” in hope of freeing the school from their reign and finding out the truth behind her father’s death.

It looks and sounds every bit as crazy and beautiful as Gurren Lagann and whats the best news? For those of you in the UK you can stream it every week a short while after it airs in Japan for free, thanks to the wonderful folks at All the Anime.

So head over there and enjoy what could possibly and hopefully be the best show of the new season.