Dragonball Z Kai Returns!

Everyone must remember the first anime they ever watched, well mine was DragonBall Z. I’m certain that every anime fan is aware of DragonBall Z but for those that aren’t I shall give a brief description of the story.

DragonBall Z follows the adventures of Goku and several of his friends searching the world for seven magical balls that once gathered together can grant the user any wish. The story continues on as Goku learns martial arts and fights many strong opponents in world tournaments and even on different planets.

The hit series moved from Japan very quickly to almost every part of the world and it’s even a common show to watch for non-anime fans! Sadly the show ended in 1996 with a high (not including GT here as we all know how we feel about that show =P)

Even though the show ended such a long time ago, games have continued to be released and the show was re-released in HD under the name Dragon Ball Z Kai in 2009. However, the show ended at the Cell saga.

BUT DO NOT FEAR GUYS! An announcement has been made about this and we are lucky have to final have the final segment re-mastered in HD!

The Buu saga will finally be re-mastered in HD for all people to see sometime in 2014 but interestingly enough not in Japan! This part of the saga is being released only overseas markets there are currently no plan to air the new episodes in Japan.