It was almost ten years ago I experienced first-hand fresh Sushi cooked by a Japanese friend of mine. He cooked the most amazing Kappa maki, Pumpkin koroke and several other dishes. A few years later I came across a Sushi restaurant in the city centre. I thought to myself, how can this possibly be bad? My friend said making sushi is an art but it’s not very difficult so surely a restaurant chain must be able to do it right.

Unfortunately, I was very wrong. This particular restaurant serves sushi on several different colour bowls with a conveyor belt to give you the food. At first, I tried the basic types and realised this isn’t sushi this is rubber with bad taste. I was astonished the food I once loved had been destroyed and my precious memories tarnished.

sushi 2

This place does not represent the true art of Sushi, and should not be invested in not only will you be upset you had a bad meal you’ll be upset due to losing the money you spent what restaurant charges you money for tap water it’s ridiculous.

Next time if you want good looking and tasting Sushi, try looking for a genuine authentic Sushi restaurant, Sushi buffets that just specialise in Sushi are usually amazing.