Coming Soon – Michiko & Hatchin Part 1

From the creators of Cowboy Bebop and Samurai Champloo. What more needs saying, a winning combination if ever there was one. While Shinichiro Watanabe is not in the directors chair for this series his influence as co-producer/ music producer will most likely result in a fantastic soundtrack to accompany the visuals. Michiko & Hatchin Part 1 is out in the UK on DVD on the 5th January from MVM Entertainment . Be sure to check out our review of Michiko & Hatchin Part 1 that will be available with the next few days.

A stylish escape caper – let’s samba!
Michiko is a stunning escaped convict with lethal looks and a deadly disrespect for the law. Hatchin is a hapless orphan pushed to breaking point by the sadistic spawn of her fiendish foster parents. On their own, these chicas are nothing more than a Yin searching for it’s Yang, but when fate – in the form of a mysterious hombre from their past – brings them together, the world better watch out!
With the future dead-ahead and la policia hot on their heels, Michiko and Hatchin burn rubber through exotic locales where danger lurks around every corner. It’s two against the world in this sun-soaked, latin-tinged tale of partners in crime who won’t stop running till they chase down a dream.