One Piece Docks at Time Square Hong Kong

If you guys manage to find yourself in Hong Kong this month, take the time to visit the One Piece exhibition located in Times Square. The exhibition is open until August 31st. Upon entering, there is a life-sized version of the Thousand Sunny that you can board!

On top of the clock tower, there is a giant Straw Hat. If you are good enough photographer (Which sadly I’m not) and are able to get the right angle, you can take a picture so the straw hat is on your head.

Inside the shopping mall there are several life-sized Chopper man statues, each with differential facial expressions

You can also see life-sized statues of all the Straw Hat pirates, while admiring the old Going Merry ship which is hanging above them.


In glass containers around the area are several one piece figures people can look and admire at it. With a small shop where people can buy figures and exclusive stuff to this event only. This was such a fun visit. I highly recommend it.